Star International is involved in International Commodities Trading in the following products:


>  Frozen Chicken and parts (Halal “certified” available) with SIF for China or without SIF for other destinations available

>  Jet fuel A-1, JP-54

>  LNG

>  Diesel.

>  Crude oil

>  In-house brand K Canola oil, grown in our own farms in Canada, refined and bottled in Canada.

>  Urea

>  Fertilizers

>  DAP

>  Bullion Gold

>  Uncut Diamonds

>  Aluminium 7075

>  Cathode copper

>  Sunflower oil, grown and bottled in Canada.

>  Starch

>  Protein

>  Sugar ICUMSA 45, Refined or Raw

>  Rice various grades of Basmati – Long grain and Broken.

>  Alfalfa Hay

>  Grade A canola seeds. 44% of oil content highest in the world, Grown in Canada.

>  Pulses and other Grains grown in our own farms in Canada.

>  AAA Grade Canadian Beef

>  Canadian Pork

>  Livestock (Sheep and Goat)