Canola Oil

Our in-house ‘K Canola’ oil is farmed and bottled in Alberta, Canada from seeds that produce the highest levels of oil from canola seeds. (44% of oil content) Highest levels throughout the world.

We are currently selling this product in the Middle East and are now positioning ourselves for a major launch in India, China and Africa.

Reach out to us for any and all of your Canola needs. Star’s vast international network allows us to provide you with the 24-hour service and support. Our experienced executive team is also available to provide you consulting services for any of your import/export needs.


  • The K Canola oil is currently packaged in 1 litre PET internally sealed with green cap for middle east.
  • For India and china, the bottles are available in 1 L, 3 L, 5 L and other capacity bottles for catering usage as per demand and requirement.
  • The label of the bottle is displayed on the bottle.
  • The oil specifications on the label are as tested.
  • Middle East test reports of oil are available.
  • We have capacity to supply as much as the market can absorb. To start with at least 20 to 40 foot containers per month and this capacity can be increased as required.
  • Long term contract can be signed.