From the Desk of Chairman

Today I will reflect on the Canadian Canola industry, developing its global foot print and advancing our own house brand 100% pure K Canola oil.

Our industry’s growth globally targets 26 million metric tons of sustained market demand and production by 2025. By continuing to strengthen our access to global markets we can earn the most value for our canola exports and capitalize on the world’s growing appetite for healthier oils and protein. We’ll achieve this by continuing to work closely with our foreign partners to establish stable and open trade relationships and ensuring that the quality and production practices of our canola meets the requirements of our export markets. 

Our market access approach relies on our clear organization of responsibilities, cooperation and a common commitment from both industries, domestic and global.

Our strategic development plan is a win-win-win situation from our growers to our consumers globally which will provide stability for working people in all countries for years to come.

We have already initiated our Market access through a major launch of our KCanola brand oil in the Middle east and our first shipment containers of Bottled K Canola oil in 1 Ltr bottles has already hit the shelves at Bahrain Saudi Arabia and other regional countries.

This launch has allowed the Canadian canola industry to earn the most value for our exports and will carry on doing so for many years to come, growing an industry that’s already responsible for hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions in revenue for Canada.

Star International Ltd. “Now more than ever, will invest and work together with the growers and Canadian industry to create a positive trade environment and bring existing opportunities to diversify markets.”

Our other Efforts are also focused on established and emerging global markets Asia, Africa, India and the Middle east.

We as a group assure you of our commitment to this industry and I will be updating you with our progress occasionally.

Warm greetings.

Talat Khan